Omaha hairstylist in trouble after $5,000 stolen from account

OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – Rude awakening for an Omaha hairdresser who dreams of opening her own salon. Suspicious transactions have deeply affected his finances.

Hoping to reduce her debts and build up good credit, hairstylist Aarika Roberts deposited $5,000 into a receivable account with Credit karma.

She then made 15 unauthorized withdrawals through a third party apple money account called “1infiniteloop”.

“But I didn’t use my card every day to know that those transactions were even taken off my card,” Roberts said. “Big shock as these were big withdrawals of 500, 700, 400, 300, and I didn’t get any sort of notification about these transactions.”

the Better Business Bureau says he will investigate.

“So we’ll definitely dig into that and if necessary issue an alert to help people understand that they need to watch their statements very carefully to see if there are any accusations like this that they haven’t. allowed,” said Jim Hegarty of the Better Business Bureau.

Aarika rents a place and dreams of owning her own shop thanks to a credit overhaul.

Some of that missing money was meant to pay down Aarika’s student loan, but now that she’s planning to start her own business, that bill is still hanging over her head.

Brian Turner, a neighboring barbour, says unauthorized withdrawals throw a wet towel on a friend’s dream.

“He’s pouring water right on your fire, you know he’s putting it out, so you have to start all over again, it’s like a reset with nothing, so it’s tough,” Turner said.

Aarika says that for several weeks she tried to challenge the withdrawals. After 6 On Your Side got involved, Credit Karma released a statement.

“This member’s dispute has been resolved and the money will be returned to Aarika’s account.”

She is relieved but still wonders who accessed her account and how.

“There are a lot of people trying to figure out who it is and how to get their money back, so if I can figure it out why not figure it out.”

Although reimbursed, Aarika hopes that the wave of unauthorized withdrawals will not affect her credit.

An email to Apple regarding the transactions has yet to be answered. Although they returned the $5,000 to the client’s account, Credit Karma did not tell us how the unauthorized withdrawals were made in the first place.

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