US finance updates: how to get a $300 stimulus check in May, how to apply for an EBT card…

Hello everyone and welcome to this The American Finances live blog for Sunday, May 8. This is the space where we bring you the latest financial news and money saving tips from anywhere in the United States, even on weekends.

We’ll detail everything you need to know about your 2021 tax return and what to do if you haven’t received your tax refund Again. We’ll explain why they take so long in some places, especially in Georgia. There is a quick and easy tool you can use to check the status of your specific tax refund claim.

Plus, there will be tips for those who completely forgot to file their tax return, because it’s not too late to reduce those late fees.

The latest financial updates and benefits news in the United States

In this blog, we will also feature the latest employee benefits programs offered in the United States, including a one-time $300 stimulus check no questions asked which is sent to the Delawares in May.

Even if you’re not from Delaware, there are plenty of other benefits programs out there and we’ll detail some of them for you.

Likewise, there will be some money saving tips to help you weather this time of high inflation and rising gas prices.

As we do every day, we will also make sure to inform you of the latest and most interesting news from the financial world. If there’s a major trade going on or there’s an important development that could affect these daily prices, we’ll bring it to you here.

So there really is a lot to discuss about it Sunday’s live blog for the latest financial news from the United States. So follow all of our updates this May 8, with the newest entries coming closest to the top of this page.

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